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Refrigeration Lubricants

Refrigeration oils play an important role in the area of lubricants and lubrication technology. The expected long life refrigerant compressor largely depends on the quality of the refrigeration oil. The interaction with other substances, in particular the refrigerant, at fluctuating high and low temperatures makes very specific demands on the lubricant in the circuit. The principal function of a refrigeration oil is to adequately lubricate all moving parts in the refrigerant compressor. Depending on the type of compressor, heat must also be dissipated and compression chamber and valves sealed.


Uniqema is the world’s leading supplier of approved synthetic lubricants to the refrigeration and air conditioning industry with the Emkarate TM RL polyol ester lubricants.

This year Emkarate TM RL celebrates its use in over 500 million compressors world-wide. This milestone reflects the performance advantages of Emkarate TM RL as well as the environmental gains this has allowed; the resultant threat to the ozone layer has been greatly diminished and efficiency savings have reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 25 million tones globally.