HG (gas-cooled) The BOCK HG range of semi-hermetic compressors offers traditional suction-gas-cooled compressor technology. These compressors are state-of-the-art, excelling in ease of running, simple maintenance, high efficiency, and reliability.

For new advancements in efficiency, BOCK has now updated its entire semi-hermetic compressor range. The new models, marked with the letter “e” (= efficiency), all offer decisive mechanical improvements, a more compact design and easier-to-use connections.

The entire range of gas-cooled commercial BOCK com pressors is now available in the new, optimized design. In addition to their uses in the fields of refrigeration and air-conditioning, the new compressors are ideally suited for refrigeration in supermarkets. They offer improved efficiency over their predecessors, greater displacement stages, a more compact structural design, and a new configuration of connections.

To increase efficiency and reduce energy consumption, the new models profit from a new and advanced valve plate system, electrical motors from the latest generation, and enhanced gas flow.

Bock semi-hermetic compressor HG Range
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Bock FK Compressors
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